Can Alzheimer’s be prevented?

Its genetic component does not necessarily imply that the whole family develops the disease. Although Alzheimer’s has a genetic component and, therefore, can be inherited, it is possible to delay its development or even deactivate this possibility if certain recommendations related to food and cognitive activities are followed. This was stated by Sonia Zevallos, a psychiatrist at the Directorate of Adults and Older Adults of the National Institute of Mental Health.

“Genetics gives you the predisposition. That means that of so many people you have a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s, but this is not necessarily something one hundred percent sure that you will develop it, “he explained.

He indicated that when the disease is already diagnosed, the only treatment is left to slow down its progression, in addition to offering the quality of life to the sufferer.

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While there are no magic recipes for the disappearance of Alzheimer’s from our path, there are things we can do to keep it as far away as possible and minimize the possibility of losing our learning faculties and moving autonomously through life.

Remove fats

“One of the first recommendations is to consume less polyunsaturated fats, less fat derived from meat. As we have an excellent cuisine, but we often use the fat of pork, beef, butter, which generates many free radicals, favors oxidation processes and unfortunately that accumulates. “

Suggested to reduce the consumption of red meat and favor the fish, seafood that has large amounts of Omega 3. Similarly, prefer vegetable oils, such as sunflower, coconut, among others.

“Among the vegetables, the most recommended are broccoli, spinach. Eat nuts and follow a Mediterranean diet. Less flours and stay always, always active. You’re never so old that you can not learn something new, “he said.

The expert said that her patients recommend having an agenda to write down what has to be done so as not to overload the memory.

“There are many things that influence memory. If I have many things to do and I’m going to a thousand per hour: I have to see my son do homework, I have to pay for college, go to work early, take care of my dad, solve the things my husband asks me, then it is impossible to keep my attention one hundred percent in everything I do . “

That means that at some point we will forget to do some things and that is natural due to the stress generated by doing several things at the same time.

“The problem is that we seek to serve everyone and the question is, what do I do for myself? It is essential to have spaces for oneself. Not as a doctor, wife or sister. Only for me. You have to think, how did I get angry? How do I meditate? How do I relax or in what spaces do I find myself?

Brain inactivity

In addition to the above, Dr. Zevallos stressed the need to keep our cognitive and intellectual functions active at all times.

Whether or not you have a relative with Alzheimer’s, he stressed the urgency of training our brain permanently, but without overwhelming it.

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“We must protect our cognitive functions, as it could be with the crossword, where remote memory is recovered and for that you must have understood the question. Activate several functions “.

He pointed out that one very easy thing to do is play cards, where calculation, attention, memory, judgment, strategy, planning are used. Although clear, without betting.

“Alzheimer’s can not be cured, but it can be prevented and attenuated, giving a better quality of life to the person who suffers it and thereby favoring their autonomy so that they do not depend so much”.

He regretted that many children with parents who suffer from this disease prevent them from doing things at home and that is how they put their mother in bed or sitting watching television, “plugged in and without training the memory.”